Client: Honda Europe

Environment: Java, J2EE, DB2

Start date: January 3rd, 2011

End date: February  28th, 2011

Tasks: Development

Honda Europe has a number of applications where the dealers supply technical information about Honda products. They provide these texts in their own language. Honda Europe uses the services of an external company to translate these texts so that employees in other regions have access to this information. The autotranslator handles the communication between the business applications that manage these texts and the external company.

Mr. Geens executed the following enhancements to the autotranslator:

  • Synchronous communication: during the first phase of the project, all texts were sent over to the translation company in a bulk transmission. The translation company would send back the translated texts when ready. Mr. Geens implemented a new interface where the translation is returned immediately.
  • Bugfixing: Mr. Geens solved a number of open issues from the first phase.
  • New client applications: The first phase of the project involved only a single client application. Mr. Geens designed and implemented a generic interface for use by other applications.